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Why Aarex Asia

  • Experience Counts

    The promoters have over 20 year’s core experience in coordinating and facilitating medical treatment for overseas patients into India.

  • Panel of Experts

    Our rich and unbiased experience is used by our team to match the patient’s needs with a specialist best suited to treat the specific medical condition.

  • Speed Guaranteed

    Patients referred by us face no delay in commencement of treatment

  • Our Neighbours

    We specialize in facilitating treatment for patients from Africa, Iraq, Sri Lanka and other neighboring countries.

  • Quality Control

    Hospitals that we recommend have been thoroughly vetted for quality of medical treatment, code of ethics, international accreditation and value-for-money pricing. You hence get the best treatment at the best price.

  • Comfort Assured

    Our team works hard to ensure that you are comfortable and well looked after during your stay in India. A designated Patient Support Executive ensures that you are personally attended to during your stay in India.

World class affordable medical treatment in India.

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